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Nanotechnology Resources Online


ESA - European Space Agency

Space Station User's Guide


Phases of the Moon and Percent of the Moon Illuminated

Windows to the Universe

Infrared Astronomy

National UFO Reporting Center

Extraterrestrial Symbols - truth or fiction?

Browse the New Scientist Archive

Nikola Tesla


Drug Information by RXList

Purdue University College of Science

University of Cambridge - Department of Medicine

Research Gallery - National University of Singapore

Cellular Communication - Discovery by Dr. Günter Blobel

Mind-Body Medicine - An Overview

Vibrational Medicine, Energy Medicine and Vibrational Resonance Therapy

Music Therapy - Making a Sound Connection - Neurosciences on the Internet

NCBI HomePage - National Center for Biotechnology Information

WHO - World Health Organization

NDSGC - North Dakota NASA Space Grant Consortium - International Space Agency Links

Astronomy 101 - Free Basic Astronomy Course

The Nine Planets Solar System Tour

Slooh Online Observatory - Live Spaceshow (™)

Air Command - The World's Finest Production Gyroplane

The Online Meteorology Guide - Instructional Modules and Multimedia Technology about Weather

Coast to Coast AM - with George Noory

other interest

Alternative Links and Resources - Brain, Mind and Language

High-power fuel cells go portable - Plug in your laptop to a cool hydrogen power source



CSA - Home of the Canadian Space Agency

CASI - Canadian Aeronautics And Space Institute

CISTI - Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information

Answering the Quantum Quest - Canada's Perimeter Institute

Faculty of Medicine - University of British Columbia - located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

UBC Department of Botany - is one of the largest and strongest in North America, at the University of British Columbia.

BC Cancer Agency - Unconventional Therapies - Vitamin Therapy, Megadose / Orthomolecular Therapy



Cosmos' Missing Matter Could Be in Their Sights

Chandra - Field Guide to X-ray Astronomy - Dark Matter Mystery

First Invisible Galaxy Discovered in Cosmology Breakthrough

'Burp' from Space Brings News of New Object

Physicist Charles H. Townes - Wins 2005 Templeton Prize

A Chimeric Human-Cat Fusion Protein Blocks Cat-Induced Allergy - concept a new approach to immunotherapy.

Scientists Find 'Earthlike World' - "Another planet that orbits its own star and is made of rock is the first of its kind to be found..." ~ "Orbiting closely to a dim red star in Aquarius known as Gliese 876, about 15 light-years from here... this planet is about 70 percent bigger than Earth..."  Dennis Overbye, The New York Times ~
"This is by far the most Earthlike planet ever found," said Dr. Geoffrey Marcy of the University of California-Berkeley.

A Tomato a Day Keeps Cancer - and Now Heart Disease - at Bay



Mars nears Earth October 31, 2005



Nikola Tesla: 1856-1943: "He used to have a walk every day in the park to feed the pigeons. If for any reason, he could not carry out this duty, he would pay a child to feed the pigeons in his place. There is a strange relation mentioned with a white pigeon which every day visited Tesla through his open window. Tesla said that his life had a meaning as long as this pigeon existed, and indeed when the pigeon died Tesla's work ended."


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